Natural Crystal and artificial Crystal

1) uneven distribution of natural purple Crystal colors, irregular distribution of gas-liquid inclusions; synthetic purple crystal color uniform, Zi jingjing and Center core.

(2) natural quartz and smoky quartz and citrine color, if it's a blue-orange color, is the result of artificial coloring. Colour is the difference between Crystal and Crystal, color Crystal colored uniform, one can't see irregular-shaped chromophores. Colour Crystal prints using artificial time slightly longer will slowly fade, lost decorative value and appreciation.

(3) the Sun observation, natural Crystal jewelry at any rate high, you can see the light uniformly fine horizontal stripes or Willow wool texture, Crystal jewelry is usually defective Crystal melting slag or glass recycled, colored and polished imitation of, see uniform stripes to sunlight and willow wool texture.

(4) natural Crystal jewelry in the Sun no matter from which point of view, can produce a beautiful light, and leave water ornament there is no such glory.