Natural Crystal:

Natural Crystal is formed under natural conditions, growing deep in the crust, usually have to undergo drastic crustal movement in order to form such as volcanoes and earthquakes. Natural Crystal belongs to the mineral resource, a very rare and precious, belonging to one of the gems.

Synthesis of Crystal:

Synthetic Crystal Crystal is a Crystal is also called regeneration, also known as synthetic Crystal, piezoelectric crystals. Recycled Crystal is by hydrothermal crystallization method "imitation of natural crystal growth process", the natural silica minerals and chemicals in the autoclave, after 1-3 months (of different crystals) formed gradually develop. Its chemical composition, molecular structure, optical properties, mechanical and electrical properties and natural crystals are exactly the same, and birefringence and polarization, such as recycled Crystal more pure than a natural Crystal, color and more. After machining (cutting, grinding and polishing) themselves that shaped particles after glittering, dazzling, and wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.