Crystal Chandelier Pendant Space Beauty Is Very Strong

Crystal lamp type

According to the style is divided into the following:

1. Crystal Chandelier Pendant Simple and modern style crystal lamp: composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as pedicels, buds, grapes, insect wings and nature of the beautiful, wavy shape and so on. Some of the lines are soft and elegant, some Qiu Jin and full of rhythm, the whole three-dimensional form and the methodical, rhythmic curve of integration.

2. Crystal Chandelier Pendant European crystal lamp: European-style lamps pay attention to symmetrical space beauty. If only on the classical style according to the cat tiger, is bound to destroy its grade, cast an upstart like vulgar resistance. European style lighting style is enduring, first of all because it stresses a reasonable, symmetrical ratio. Many people tend to have an illusion that classicalism is magnificent, that is, a lot of decoration. The essence of European-style lamps is not the case, the beauty of European-style lighting is now the details of the way to deal with the practice of temper classic, so the European-style lamps give people a rich cultural atmosphere.

3. Crystal Chandelier Pendant Simple European-style lights: also known as the neo-classical European-style lights or European-style modern lights, it is classical European style into the simple design elements of the home lighting collectively. Its integrated classic European-style lamp of the elegant, luxurious generous features, there are simple and bright new features.

4.Crystal Chandelier Pendant  Modern Chinese crystal lamp: modern Chinese style design, but also into a new Chinese style. Modern Chinese style refers to the organic combination of tradition and modernity. It is a reasonable inheritance and development of the traditional architectural culture. Imagination is the classical style of home passing through time and space. Therefore, it can also become a home culture through time and space. This style in the current architectural design, interior design has more applications.

5.Crystal Chandelier Pendant  American-style rural crystal lamp: American style of the country to abandon the cumbersome and luxurious, and different styles of outstanding elements in the collection of integration, to comfort-oriented, emphasizing "return to nature", so that this style becomes more relaxed and comfortable.

6.Crystal Chandelier Pendant  Postmodern lighting: the term postmodernism first appeared in the Spanish writer de Onis in 1934, "Spanish and Spanish poetry," a book, used to describe the internalism of modernism, especially a kind of Modernist rational rational rebellious psychology, that is, postmodern style.

In fact, the lamp in the soft design occupies a certain position, but many people will ignore this one detail.

First of all, I would like to talk about why we feel that the domestic lights, so much worse than abroad.

Personal feeling difference in the following three points:

1.Crystal Chandelier Pendant  China's lighting design is limited by the height is generally dominated by ceiling lamps, and foreign basically chandelier-based. Chandeliers in the design can play the space and room to be much higher than the ceiling.

2. design of the missing brand, the lighting company that we think of what is it? Panasonic, Philips, in fact, they seem to be only in the elephant lighting lighting company, not a design company.

3. China's lighting industry designers in the design of the time is particularly like to use the material is PVC (that is, plastic or acrylic), crystal (glass); and foreign designers for the material to understand more profound, material mix and match, such as the following Paragraph is PVC and metal with.

Specifically lead to such a reason I think there are several points:


A lot of time to say that a penny of goods, these foreign design requires a lot of open mold fees and craft support, and the domestic lamp unit price is generally not high. Even if you buy high prices of lamps, this premium is often used in brand fees and marketing expenses, rarely used in the design itself.

2. patent

The domestic patent rights cost is very high, many times you worked hard to design a light, people change a chamfer cheap you half the price to sell, more and more people do copy to China live, not Design for China

3. Interior design

Many interior designers in the soft on the aesthetic is the need to improve, and today I made the picture, may be a lot of interior design professionals are the first time to see. Even the professional personnel of the aesthetic did not improve, but also how to help home improvement users to improve their family's aesthetic?