Crystal Evaluation Criteria

Color: any gemstone, color is very important, Crystal was no exception. If Crystal is color, such as pink Crystal, citrine, Amethyst, and the highest standards of its evaluation is Morello, with no gray, black, Brown and other colors. Pink Crystal, color with pink;; Amethyst, requirement for bright purple, not pure black yellow Crystal, not included in the required color green, lemon hue, with kumquats;. Crystal, Crystal colors is also very important. The same hair blonde Crystal, Crystal completely colorless (white Crystal) and just slightly tinted crystals, visual perception is differentiated with the naked eye, so the price of the former than the latter.

Clarity: crystal clarity with high-end jewel requirements are very different. High-end gem very rare, it is generally widespread high-end gem of clarity not too demanding. Crystal's output was prodigious, so usually people will request crystal clarity, the higher the better, try to avoid the more obvious inclusions in crystals.