Crystal Gifts Crystal Transparent, Elegant And Elegant

Crystal Gifts Natural crystal has become one of the fashionable one of the jewelry, a wide range of colors, different shapes of crystal jewelry at the same time as people as gifts presented friends and family indispensable choice, send a beautiful to send a good luck Is more of a mind. Then choose the crystal as a gift is not pay attention to it?

Crystal handicrafts, with its crystal clear, elegant and elegant, bright features, as well as unique fashion and elegance, from ancient times have been much loved by the people. But also because the crystal crafts have a high appreciation of the value and collection value, so now also set off a gift to send crystal gift boom. Thus, to understand the classification of crystal crafts, as well as gifts must see the meaning of the crystal, the gift is very helpful.

Crystal handicrafts, refers to the crystal material produced by the decorations. In the modern home life, the dazzling crystal handicrafts, with its unique fashion and elegant expression of the special passion and artistic taste, from ancient times have been much love. Ambilight, crystal clear is its beautiful description. An exquisite crystal handicrafts by virtue of which contains the whimsy and complex handmade craftsmanship, by many people who love art love.

In the present, the main categories of crystal crafts are crystal trophy medal, crystal carved, crystal vase, crystal pen holder, crystal perfume bottle, crystal bowl, crystal chopsticks, crystal painting, screen, crystal ball, crystal office supplies and so on hundreds of several Million kinds of styles. Here to detail the classification of crystal crafts.

According to the production process is divided into crystal white embryo gift, crystal image gifts, crystal carving gifts; according to the use of decorative sub-divided into the crystal office, according to the production of natural crystal gifts and artificial crystal gifts, and then according to the corresponding production of fine, Supplies, crystal pendant, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ashtrays, crystal perfume bottles, crystal frames, etc .;

Crystal series, crystal tableware series, crystal tea set, crystal lamp, crystal lampshade, crystal chandelier, crystal vase series, crystal tableware series, crystal medal series, crystal brochure series, crystal pen holder series, crystal tableware series Series, crystal iceberg series, crystal image series, crystal disc series.

Because of the particularity of crystal, crystal from ancient times has always been people to produce a variety of jewelry products of fine materials. A variety of crystal craft jewelry we have a well-known crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, crystal pendant, crystal bracelet, crystal mobile phone pendant and so on. Today, people use advanced crystal production process produced a crystal image, crystal trophy, crystal Neidiao, crystal medals, crystal perfume bottles, and so common crafts.

Different crystal, have different characteristics, efficacy and role, so before the gift is still the best understanding of the object you want to give gifts, what kind of crystal crafts, and then gifts. So as to achieve the real effect of gifts, both are happy. So,

Crystal Gifts to understand the meaning of the different crystal on behalf of, that is, the meaning of the crystal must see the gift.