Crystal Growth

Typically, controlled in an ideal environment, that is, the physical and chemical conditions are met under the conditions mentioned above, crystal growth of approximately 0.8 mm per day (mm). This is another synthetic quartz laboratories, factory standard production rate. Fostered by the Crystal, and is known as the "Crystal" (synthetic quartz), usually cut into chips (chips) for electronic, computer and communication industry uses; it was also known as "Crystal" (cultivated quartz, cultured quatrtz), though it is using a different term, in fact, talking about the same thing. In General, industrial use of Rhinestones, the thickness of about three centimeters, which is 30mm, it takes about 40 days to grow; to for jewelry to ground into a 10 cm (100mm) more than a crystal ball, it normally takes about 120-180 days is enough. However, this is ideal in a controlled environment, will it be possible to have that speed, in nature, was not so optimistic, as raw material, water quality, temperature and pressure conditions are constantly changing, it is difficult to achieve the desired state, usually require tens of thousands of times, or millions of times times time, to achieve the same growth. That is why the "age" to "million years" as the basis of calculation, but also "Crystal" (natural Crystal) are precious points.