Hotfix Rhinestone Classification

                                           hotfix rhinestone classification

There are four classification

A: South Korea's hotfix rhinestone , b: Czech iron hotfix rhinestoen , c: Austria hotfix rhinestone , d: domestic hotfix rhinestone .

 1.Austria and the Czech hotfix rhinestone, they are more brightness and look very  nice  . 

  Every hotfix is in 100% good condition , but the price is higher.

  It is suitable for wedding address, belts, leather bags, etc 

2: South Korea hotfix rhinestone and domestic hotfix rehinestone 

It is brightness, The cutting surface is uniform, the color is fastern .

It can be ironed on by 120degrees temperature .

The defective rate is between 0.5% and 3%.

Many customers  buy more than actual.

The quality is reliable and it is low price .

It can be used many products such as coloth ,shoes and so on.

It is welcome in the market .