Optical Properties

Color: colorless, pale to deep purple, pale yellow, deep yellow, light to dark brown, Brown, green to yellow-green, pale to medium pink.

Amethyst: light to dark purple.

Citrine: pale yellow, deep yellow.

Blue Crystal: light blue and dark blue. Almost all the blue crystals are synthetic.

Smoky quartz: light to dark brown, Brown. Because ingredients Al3+ replaces Si4+, generated from the irradiated [AlO4]4-color.

Green Crystal: green to yellow-green. Being associated with Fe2+, the market hardly exists naturally occurring green crystals, often Amethyst Topaz in the heating process of the formation of an intermediate product.

Furong stone: light to medium pink, lighter in tone. Often contain trace amounts of titanium (Ti) elements and pink. Starlight effect can have a transmission.

Crystals: colorless, yellow, light brown, rutile is yellow, red-brown color, with tourmaline is often grayish black; with actinolite and grey-green.