Physicochemical Properties Of Crystals

Quartz (rock Crystal) is a silica (Quartz) Crystal mineral, its main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, the chemical formula SiO2. Western countries view as long as they are transparent as Crystal (Crystal), contains the word crystal clear glass (K9, ordinary glass blue), also contains natural quartz ore. Crystal is the name of China's ancient water, blue water, the Shuili, spar over more than 10 kinds of call, in the figure until He Hansan suan Fawn purification. And, therefore, easy to distinguish, to international (Rockcrystal) refer to natural crystals. Well-developed crystals are hexagonal Cone, so usually lumpy or granular aggregates, generally colorless, gray, ivory, other mineral elements, such as purple, red, smoke, tea [1].

When silica crystalline perfection is crystal, Crystal is not perfect quartz: silica crystals


Gel after dehydration is agate; after the solidification of aqueous colloidal silica as Opal; grain with less than several microns of silicon dioxide to form secondary chalcedony, Flint, quartzite.